Field Recordings Poland 2014-ongoing

Over the past few years since summer 2014 I’ve been working on field recording across various parts of Poland, and for a long while they’ve sat on band camp or a hard-drive mainly as archiving. I thought i’d upload them here also – with a ‘blog’ style writing about my recording trips and places visited, there is also a sound map in the pipeline hopefully ready this year. Some of these recordings were also shared and I contributed an article about my travels and listening in Poland to Glissando Magazine, Poland.

Mainly i’ve been recording in Witkowice, trailing different techniques…but also travelling around large parts of the country.

I’ve attached links below of recordings i’ve made across the years:

2014 (First trip to Poland, visited the south and took the train over 13 hours to the North, visiting Hel, Wladyslawowo and also to Krakow, where (although I recorded a few times over the years, the well known, Hejnal Mariacki. Recorded on a Zoom H4n using built in microphones

Following on this was a more focused work in the village Witkowice in areas named Sybir, as well as locally around local ponds, woodland and next to churches, here is my first sound walk/recording trip in Witkowice:

This also has a follow up album of another trip during the summer, where there was a few surprises for me too, including Stork clattering and a few others (insect attacks) – this was all recorded binaurally using a binaural dummy head built in Poland by Binaural Enthusiast – a dummy head manufacturer in Poland.

This selection of recordings was made recently, in November 2017 in Gory Walbrzyskie, and this time I was accompanied by Piotr, who is greatly interested in the region is regularly exploring these areas, including nearby Gory Sowie.

Ive also made recordings in Gory Sowie, however these were released by Sonospace in 2016, you can access these here:

In addition to this you can hear extra recordings here, from Poland that i’ve made on a more casual basis (or haven’t uploaded fully yet)