Performing Walter De Marias ‘Ocean Music’ and ‘Cricket Music’

3rd of December Krzysztof Topolski and I performed Walter De Marias ‘Ocean Music’ and ‘Cricket Music’ in Krakow at the Cricoteka.

15317822_1259852217412222_172251118683260033_n (Photo by Mirosław Żak/fototerminal)

We extended and added our own elements to the compositions which originally focuses on drums and field recordings by adding bass guitar and expanding on the field recordings with electronic soundscapes and 4 channel sound dispersion.


This was our first recreating of the piece and also our first time working together; we may work on a new collaboration with this piece in 2017.



Supporting Taupe at Colchester Art Centre


Taupe are a Newcastle upon Tyne based trio specializing in razor-sharp polyrhythmic play, exploratory improvisation and raw, high energy live performance.

The group’s sound is built of influences drawing from free jazz and math metal to hip-hop grooves and post-bop, with a healthy dollop of skronk, all navigated down a path that seeks to blur the line between carefully constructed rhythmic compositions and explosive group improvisation.

Supported by Phil Mill, an Experimental Musician and Sound Artist, working with sounds gathered from the environment. Using digital softwares and experimental extended microphone techniques to record and manipulate sound.

Tickets £7 / £6 concessions.
Doors open 7.30pm.

20th September 2016





Art Language Location 2016

ALL2016 banner

Art Language Location 2016 is an exhibition/festival that is spread out across Cambridge in a variety of locations. My work for the piece is in collaboration with artist Susi Disorder, who lives in Colchester.

The exhibition is on for the dates: 13th-29th of October; our work is titled ReCoding, a sound and print installation using a VLF antenna and prints on different fabric materials at the Helmore Bridge in the Anglia Ruskin University between Monday and Saturday 10:00-16:30.


An example of the developing antenna is below, an image – the circuit board and antenna construction was inspired by Jonas Gruskas (LOM Label, Slovakia) Electrosluch 3+ schematic and design.


Sound recording from the location in the picture above;

A link to further information is below;

Susi Disorder and Phil Mill

ALL2016 Logo_final 400sq regular font

Forests of the World Contribution.

This project was organised by Tony Oudaimy of woodcraft production – featuring field recordists from around the world recording and documenting forests.

This includes artists from far and wide, including: Martina Testen, Tomáš Šenkyřík, Christine Hass, Atilio Doreste, Gábor Kerekes, Simon Serc, Francesco Murano, Frank Frenz, George Vlad, Gjørg Pjustäät, Huw McGregor, Jaromir Ralph Koper, Kev Durr, Mark Shaw, Melissa Pons, Phil Mill, Holger Kiess and Brian Kennemer