Philip Mill is a Sound Engineer specialising in sound recording from Colchester, UK; after completing a degree in music at Colchester Institute and a Masters Degree in Sound Arts at University of the Arts London; I began working at Chelsea College of Arts as audiovisual technician and also undertook the odd teaching of audio on the Graphic Design and Fine Art courses.

At this point I began to develop and explore further my interest in field recording; and being in London I had great many chances to attend courses, workshops and meet like-minded sound enthusiasts; and also have many opportunities to travel and network abroad.

After attending a few field recording workshops including short courses in Field Recording at Goldsmiths University, and attending 2 amazing workshops at CAMP.fr with leading wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson; and from then on I was really hooked on getting out and experiencing and recording the natural world.

I enjoy exploring a whole variety of techniques for recording including ambisonics, surround sound, parabolics and and more experimental techniques and field craft in attempts to capture the best possible sound.

Ultimately leading me to produce a variety of radio shows for online stations and one for the BBC about the wildlife on the North Norfolk coast; following the Bittern Line from Norwich to Sheringham.

I have also produced a few works for moving picture including being asked to produce a work for Culture as A Dare online festival; which I produced the sound design and music as an audiovisual piece using footage recorded in the Owl Mountains.

I also on the side maintained a career as audiovisual technician and worked for a variety of places including the National Portrait Gallery and Ricoh Europe.

After the pandemic I had the urge to travel and relocated to Central Europe to travel and explore sound further, and this took me to a variety of locations; and happily enrolled on a few courses including Wajda film school in Warsaw on a practical course about sound recording for film and boom operation. Mostly recently I also had the pleasure to work in Madrid on a documentary project about fertility clinics.

I am currently, as of 2022, working for Telus International as an Audio Engineer situated within the AI development team; working remotely, and begun exploring SFX productions on the side! Please feel free to get in touch to chat, for work or any other questions!