Recent Happenings and things to come 2018

Within the past few months I have been working on a few projects, with a few more in the pipeline this year.

One being Klingt Gut! 2018 – a symposium of sound in Hamburg, Germany. For this I created a sound work in quadraphonic (photo below)


field recordings made in Poland over the past few years; See below of a stereo mix-down of the work:

37955440_10214876485418308_8873928356576362496_n (Although the text description is 100% accurate here…not sure who wrote this!)

Following this i’ve been preparing a sound recording for Sonospace; Earth Listening 2, a compilation album of different recordists soon to be released, photo below…sound+more to follow…


Following this I made a quick trip to begin work on a new release of field recordings after a few trips to another secret location, again more to follow. This will hopefully be released again on Sonospace as a full release.

Recently I also was thornton heath arts week where I contributed towards 24 Hour Parky people, an series of works by local residents and artists in South London. My work was a bat listening event, although no-one waited to attend as it became pretty late (first bat detected was at 11pm) but I recorded, so results are below:

Not a release but also attended Chris Watsons course at, which is a series of courses in Aulus-Les-Bains in Southern France, it was a great experience, hopefully recordings to follow soon.


I also had a gig at Colchester Art Centre recently, supporting Carl Stone.

In September I am part of Yarmonics in Great Yarmouth, a sound art festival, I will be contributing a VLF antenna/electromagnetic receiver for people to explore and hear the electromagnetic sounds of Great Yarmouth. Similar to the event in Cambridge for Art Language Location. Hopefully another thing in the pipeline soon but will update this later.


Upcoming Gigs/Installations

  • 7-9 June, Hamburg, part of Klingt Gut! Symposium of Sound – installation of field recordings in quad featuring field recordings made in Poland alongside many other great engineers, sound artists and musicians.

(work in progress…quadraphonic work for klingt gut! Hamburg)


  • Mon 9th July – Colchester Art Centre supporting Carl Stone, surround sound concert, field recordings, etc.
  • Presenting field recordings and bat detection equipment (DIY) in trumble gardens as part of Thornton Heath Arts Week, “Artist interventions throughout the park for a duration of 24hours. Performance, Sound Art, Sculpture, happenings and occurrences.” Begins 6pm Friday 20th, Finishes saturday 21st July
  • 24 October 2018 – Gig at skrontronic, New River Studios organised by Rick Jenson.


Seicho Suru Kigi & Dzik release

Recently released a collaborative release with George Miskedakis from Greece independently through band camp. A release that explores free improvisation, sound experimentation and field recordings.

George contributes a weekly radio show to Justin Case Radio (Prog Radio) in Greece, and also admins a host of Facebook groups and pages about experimental music, black metal and more. Search him on Facebook for more about his projects…


The Ear has to Travel

Online radio station ‘The Ear has to Travel’ produced by Katharina Schmidt on cashmere radio is a radio program focusing on a variety of genres, mostly within the margin of experimental music, rock, ambient music and field recording. There is an ongoing open call for people to submit their works to the station;

Text from the Ear has to travel website: (

“Each edition of The Ear Has To Travel explores songwriting from a different region, not attempting to map out anything, but hoping to provide you with a field guide to getting lost”

One of my sound works (an audio postcard) was featured on Episode 12, which focuses on field recording, alongside: Stijn Demeulenaere, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Manja Ristić, Phil Mill, Krzysztof Topolski and more.

See below to listen:

Sound + Environment 2017

Contributing work at the Sound + Environment 2017 conference this year with keynote speakers Chris Watson and Leah Barclay, also with works and papers from sound artists and recordists from all over, including another Essex-based Recordist Stuart Bowditch, Sound Recordist and co-founder of the ‘You Are Hear’ sound map, an Essex Sound Map hosted by the Essex Record Office – a project worth checking out!

My work is a processed binaural piece of sound recordings made in Zakopane, Poland during December 2016.

Below is a photo from my of installation to follow in July.


Gòry Sowie Field Recordings Release

A recent trip in December 2016 to Poland to the Owl Mountains (Gory Sowie) to make a some recordings. This area of Poland was pointed out to me by Harry Sumner who runs the Sonospace label, based in Spain and London.

There was 2 releases, a sound postcard;

And a short release of the field recordings;